Friday, 3 August 2012

Do You Know Your Personality?

How much do you know yourself? Seems strange question? I am not talking about how much you weigh and how heigh you are. Nor am talking about your color or body built as such. As many people have objective and latest knowledge of their physical/biological conditions through regular check ups with their GP's. Based on the information they get from their doctors, they try to take several measures that help them to stay fit and neat. They avoid harmful conditions or habits and capitalize on those conditions or habits that nourish their biology. This way, they thought to promote happiness and prolong their longevity in general. But this post is about the noblest quality that distincts we Homo Sapiens from other species, our psychological 'gait'.
In fact, our personality/psychology defines who we are as thinking and sophisticated persons. Unfortunately, millions do not precisely know what kind of personality they have. As a result, they fail to appreciate themselves and live in conflict with other people and even with their careers.


Personality denotes a constellation of one's emotional, attitudinal, cognitive, and behavioral response patterns to various life circumstances. Simply, your personality is roughly all about how much 1) you are inside or outside focused, 2) you use your intuition versus senses, 3) you think versus feel, and 4) judge/evaluate or perceive. Are you most of the time driven by your emotions, feelings, and senses, or do you see a clear domination of these by your thinking and judgment? This is not easy to determine and is the work of personality psychologists. But before you are directed to take a test to determine your personality, let's briefly see why we are supposed to worry about it in the first place.


Precisely knowing your personality type will have multifaceted advantages to you and those people who have any kind of relationship with you. Overall, knowing the self is the first step towards leading and concluding a successful life and will contribute to tolerance, understanding, and social cohesion as well as development. If you know your personality type, you will:
  • appreciate and like yourself- good to love yourself reasonably
  • take care of your psyche and promote happiness and mental health
  • choose a career that matches your personality traits
  • understand and be understood by your friends, wife, husband, family, boss
  • aspire to excel in life by reducing your weaknesses and maximizing your strengths
  • generally give value to yourself, including your body/biology

Personality Test

So, do you want to know who you really are in about 10 minutes? Thanks to advances in psychological tests and modern technologies, one could get a variety of personality tests online freely. Google 'personality test' and you will get several online, including commercial ones. But of the tests available freely, I recommend Isabel Briggs Myers typology of personality types. This test is developed based on the work of the famous Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, who saw in his dreams World War I months before its occurrence. Myers’ test aims to apply Jung's personality theory and is found to be reliable and valid over the last several decades. Millions took the test every year since its formulation.

The test has 72 questions that measure degree of introversion-extroversion, intuiting-sensing, thinking-feeling, judging-perceiving. Follow this link to access the test, Accurately understand and strictly follow the instructions before you start answering the questions. Mind that the test is about you and you, so no guess work and/or pretention here. Just answer the questions based on your real feelings; there is no right or wrong answer.

Personality Types

There are 16 personality types according to the test, click Once you take the test, you will be given the result immediately, in abbreviation. The link has descriptions of all the 16 personality types, including yours- see right-hand side of the page. Click on the abbreviation of your personality type to read its description. There, you will also see a list of famous people that have the same personality as yours.

The personality type INTJ, for instance, represents people who are predominantly internally driven, intuitive, thinkers, and judgers/evaluators. They do not rely that much on the outside, their senses, feelings, and their perceptions. Scientists and academics in higher education as well as several prominent people such as the following have this personality type.
  • Vladimir Putin, President of Russia 
  • Augustus Caesar, Roman emperor 
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor and former California governor 
  • Donald Rumsfeld, former U.S. Secretary of Defense 
  • Colin Powell, former U.S. Secretary of State 
  • Thomas Jefferson, a former U.S. president 
  • John F. Kennedy, a former U.S. president 
  • Isaac Newton- the scientist 
If you believe in empowering yourself through and using science and reason, I recommend you to take the personality test by clicking the aforementioned link. Whatever the result, appreciate yourself and try to be smart in your relations to your work, family, friends, boss, and above all your overall psychological and biological health. Take note of your strengths and weaknesses. Also invite your girl/boy friend, wife, husband, friends, family members, and colleagues to take the test, as that will contribute a lot positive dimensions to group and individual life. If you happen to know your friends/parents/colleagues' personality types, ethics and morality have it that you must consider or understand them very responsiblly. Good luck with the test.

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