Thursday, 4 April 2013

Forced Eviction of the Amharas

The government in Ethiopia is forcefully and inhumanly evicting the Amharas who used to live and work in Southern and Western parts of the country. This is contrary to the Ethiopian Constitution and other regional and international human rights and legal frameworks, to which Ethiopia is a signatory. This is one of the several atrocities orchestrated against the Amharas since EPRDF took office in 1991. The government at local, woreda, zonal, regional and federal levels must clearly understand that they will be fully accountable to this mindless act.  

The eviction is causing multifaceted complications at regional and national levels. It:

  • is being done without the will of the people 
  • does not allow the evictee to take care of their hard-earned properties and assets
  • is indiscriminate- kids, children, the pregnant, and senor citizens equally suffer
  • unnecessarily led to deaths and wounds
  • creates psychological, emotional, and mental disorders to the evictee and their relatives
  • disrupts education and all other social services
  • leaves the evictee no where- no good accommodation and living allowances
  • creates identity confusion- the evictee are told that it is not their country
  • reminds all other Ethiopians living and working in different parts of the country the possibility of being persecuted by their own government one day

I am pleased to see that the case is given due coverage by Ethiopian local and Diaspora media. This must be sustained until justice is made. We need to consider exposing the unjust and cruel work of the government to international media and organizations, too. That way, it is possible to create massive pressure on the government. In the meantime, all Ethiopians must lend their hands to their fellows- they immediately need shelter, food, water, and all other basic necessities. A credible body might lead this sort of humanitarian support. All Ethiopians must know that it is the regional and federal governments who masterminded this evil work. All the condemnation and prosecution must thus aim at them.


  1. It is like Holocaust of Amhara......we need to unite and stand together.....
    it is good article...go a head.God bless you.

  2. Thank you Teklu

    Actually this has happened several times since the Tigrean elite took control power in Ethiopia since 1991. The hostile policy towards Amharas is not something new to TPLF, the founding fathers of TPLF who left the organisation are witnessing how TPLF leaders like Sebhat Nega and the dead Prime misery Meles Zenawi exploit the hate for Amharas to unite the Tigrean rebels. For the time being they are not the Tigrean rulers are not afraid of criticism since they are serving the West by invading and controlling Somalia and being catalysator for peace process between South and North Sudan. The time Tigrean rulers lose their West supported project in East Africa, the crimes we see today against Amharas will cahse them to their graves. They will never get away with these atrocities.

  3. Time to stand together, not for cheap political power. we all are victims, victims of administrators. I think we have to focus more on our unity. We are used by regimes for their own evil agendas. We need to wake up and say that we all are amharas, we all are muslims, we all are oromos. Thank you Teklu for your nice insights. I hope your message will reach to the right body

  4. hi there
    this is illegal and inhuman and difficult to accept. Leave Ethiopia for its people. what is the meaning of one nation if its people didn't have the right to live anywhere within the country? you know , the government throughout its 21 year of reign uses race conflicts as a weapon on escaping some kind of trouble. those people who are on the position of high rank political power are from one race(Bihare according to their language) and are 100% racist, don't want to see any people prosperity exceeding there race. they only see the lough of there people and make the others their subordinate. there is no equality in general within addis even. this what is happening now a days is really teaching. the country from north to south; from east to west is protected and live for its people. this shows that the nation is divided in to 9 different countries, b/c is any one can't live any where within the country, where is Ethiopia? please tell those racist EPRDF officials stop harassing the people stop, stop stop stop stop stop stop, Ethiopia is the country of 80M people not for 3M.

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