Thursday, 16 August 2012

Beyond the Death of EOTC Patriarch

                                        The late Abune Paulos patriarch, Google picture

The Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church (EOTC), his holiness Abune Paulos, has passed away from natural causes. I pray that his soul rests in peace! We as Christians, however, need to reflect on the implication this has to the church and the nation at large. It is not a perfect time to talk about what the late patriarch failed to accomplish as such. We need to look forward for now and contribute what we could do to the smooth operation of the church. Obviously, EOTC must deal with this very  responsibly and it will do. One must-to-do thing is for sure bringing the two synods together and elect a great father who is selfless, accommodating, and God-fearing. We do not need a bishop who is busy with secular issues, for which we happen to have exceptional experts.  Nor one who is dear and near to ruling parties at the cost of the church's traditions and values. 

Although technically the death of the patriarch is a great loss for the church, it is in a way a golden opportunity (given all the skirmishes that defined the church for the last two decades) that must be used effectively. As a member of EOTC, I have the moral duty and responsibility to mention some of the most important issues that need to be considered by the synod, the church's highest decision making body. My reflection is made out of sheer respect and contribution to the great church.
  • Give due respect and service to the deceased leader
  • Capitalize on the future versus the past 
  • Pray for and work towards a united spirit among all the bishops
  • Ensure through various media that the top leadership, the synod, is in full charge of the church
  • Facilitate towards the immediate take up of the vacant position, according to church's traditions of electing patriarchs
  • Relentlessly work towards the merger of the two synods, with no precondition and delay
  • Ban all forms of gatherings/committees that are initiated by individuals or unauthorized bodies- they may create confusion and abuse the situation for their own sake
  • Launch an immediate track and control of church belongings and bank accounts that were under the mandate of the late patriarch  
  • Refute any possible interference from the government related to choice of the next head of church
  • Continue implementing all the decisions made by the synod in their previous extraordinary meetings
  • Continue to work towards the modernization of church administration, including resource mobilization and use
  • Restore the great image of the church and the holly synod by working for and living the truth
  • Regularly explain to Christians what the synod is up to- ensure transparency and   accountability  
Eternal is EOTC!


  1. Really, these are very useful informations for our church. I hope our holy fathers will use it properly.

    God bless you and yours!

  2. God bless you!


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