Sunday, 25 November 2012

VOA Discussions on the EOTC

In my previous post, I tried to examine how the two EOTC synods are approaching the reconcillation effort. Two scenarios were identified and possible trans-synod cooperation and collaboration mechanisms were suggested. In addition to the several comments I got from EthioMedia, where my piece was also posted, the VOA two-part discussions with archibishops  and religious experts from both synods was seminal. What is interesting is that all the discussants loudly asked members of the two synods to make sacrifices of any sort for the sake of EOTC's unity. The opportunity at hand is too big to be missed! 

Part 1 discussants were Abune Gabriel from Ethiopia, Abune Yosef from America, Dr Walle Engidasew from Texas, and myself from Oslo. Liqekahnat Haileselassie Alemayehu and Abba SereqeBirhan WoldeSamuel from America, Dn Daniel Kibret and Megabi Haddis Eshetu Alemayehu from Ethiopia were Part 2 participants. Your comments are most welcome!



  1. It's really sad. I think we have to stop blaming the government. This is purely a power strugle among the religious leaders.

  2. In fact, monks and bishops are power monsters; they are ready to die for it than to make a bit of the sacrifice required for unity. Am absolutely sure there will not come unity.


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