Sunday, 2 June 2013

Keep Rallies Up!

The peaceful demonstration organized by the Semayawi party is a giant step towards success. Great job, the Blue guys and all the brave Ethiopians who are able to make it to the streets! Congratulations! I also congratulate the Ethiopian government for allowing this to happen although they were supposed to daily enact the rights of citizens enshrined in the constitution. Ensuring the rule of law is the only option available out there.

                                                 Blue Party flyer, taken from the party's website

The rally just left a memorable lesson not only to the Hailemariam regime but also to the opposition and the general public:

  • The regime got a vivid lesson as to the level of frustration of the people. This rally is a powerful signal that one day the mass could overwhelm EPRDF and give its final demise
  • The assumption that people are divided along ethnic and religious lines does not seem to hold any water; in fact, demonstrators shouted "We will never get divided"
  • Those who support the government for what ever reason should understand that the days of dictatorial leadership are limited and hence, it is better to change their political lanes
  • The Ethiopian people kept silent for years and hence there was a supposition that people are in massive fear of the regime. It is clear by now that the people are as brave and change prone as before given committed  leadership
  • The general public could draw the conclusion that claiming ones rights is within their own power 
  • The opposition could not so far succeed in holding hall meetings let alone making street demonstrations. That Blue party did it for the first time since 2005 is not small thing. It would motivate and encourage others to 'fight' to the end to claim their rights
  • Blue party already broke the silence and much would be expected from its leadership in the future

  Picture of the demonstration underway in AddisPicture taken from Befeqadu Hailu's Facebook page

Similar struggles and commitments are expected from Semayawi and other parties' leadership. Change could not come by soft words. A neck-to-neck struggle with the regime is required. Other parties and movements must keep the momentum if they really care about change in Ethiopia. Organizing national-level rallies after rallies (in major cities and towns simultaneously) would definitely force the regime to surrender to the wills and wishes of the Ethiopian people! No matter what, keep 'fighting' for freedom, justice, and generally the rule of law in Ethiopia. 

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